We remain open for business.

However, the impact of the coronavirus is changing how we work.  We are no longer facilitating client meetings but our Solicitors are contactable by email and phone.  Their contact details are:

SolicitorEmail Direct Dial
Andrew Taylorandrew@andersongillanbarr.co.uk02827660979
Denise Gillandenise@andersongillanbarr.co.uk02827660970
Sam Barrsam@andersongillanbarr.co.uk02827660971
Jackie McCrackenjacqueline@andersongillanbarr.co.uk02827660972
Steven Ewingsteven@andersongillanbarr.co.uk02827660974
Steven Flynnflynn@andersongillanbarr.co.uk02827660975
Richard Rountreerichard@andersongillanbarr.co.uk02827690976
Sue Pinkertonpinkerton@andersongillanbarr.co.uk02827660977
Hayley Elliotthayley@andersongillanbarr.co.uk02827698399
Doreen Colvin (Legal Executive)doreen@andersongillanbarr.co.uk02827660978

Things are moving at a breakneck pace.  We are worried for the health and safety of our support staff so have sent them home.  It is not fair to ask them to work.  Undoubtedly, there will be some disruption and the speed in which we can reply to you.  Please bear with us.

Please stay healthy and continue to follow the government advice on coronavirus.

Our new website will be launched soon at www.andersongillanbarr.co.uk

Until then our offices, services and contact details are:



5 Linenhall Street,
Co. Antrim
BT53 6DP

T: (028) 2766 2585
(028) 2766 2133
F: (028) 2766 5036
DX 3250 NR


41 New Row,
Co. Londonderry
BT52 1AE

T: (028) 7034 3180
(028) 7034 3244
(028) 7034 3491
F: (028 7034 2377
DX 3973 NR


32 Church Street,
BT41 4BA

T: (028) 9446 2636
028) 9442 9112
F: (028) 9446 6822
DX 3455 NR


Denise Gillan B.A. (Hons): denise@andersongillanbarr.co.uk

Sam Barr LL.B: sam@andersongillanbarr.co.uk

Steven Ewing LL.B: steven@andersongillanbarr.co.uk

Andrew Taylor LL.B: andrew@andersongillanbarr.co.uk

Steven Flynn LL.B: flynn@andersongillanbarr.co.uk


Jacqueline McCracken LL.B: jacqueline@andersongillanbarr.co.uk

Hayley Elliott LL.B: hayley@andersongillanbarr.co.uk


Richard Rountree B.A. (Hons): richard@andersongillanbarr.co.uk

Susan J. Pinkerton LL.B (Notary Public): pinkerton@andersongillanbarr.co.uk

Law Clerk:

Doreen Colvin: doreen@andersongillanbarr.co.uk